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We’re a family owned Fresno Solar company providing a variety of options, we value our customers and their needs and will make sure going solar is in your best interest. We offer secure warranties, great pricing, and high quality materials making the transition into solar seamless.


We’ve been extremely fortunate to have customers of ours referring us to their family and friends as a trusted solar company. We started off focusing mainly on the Fresno solar market but have now expanded to cover majority of the valley. Chat with us today and you will not be disappointed let us show you why we stand out amongst other Fresno solar companies.

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Why You Should Go Solar

There has never been a good time like now to go solar and take advantage of incentives before they disappear. Rates are continuously going up, power outages are becoming common, and prices for solar are the best they’ve been.

We’re a company that does all of their work in house and guarantees that work you’ll never have to worry about a subcontractor. We enjoy walking with our customers from our very first sit down all they way through to turning on their brand new system. Solar is has officially become the way of the future with all homes being built in 2020 required to be built with solar. So we’re helping every home take advantage of all the credits and incentives that are out right now to maximize their savings.

Process Of Going Green

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1) See If You Qualify

The first step is making sure have a high enough utility bill where solar will benefit you, and ┬ásee if you qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. After that we we’ll go over each of our programs to see what will benefit you the most.

2) Site Inspection

Where other companies will use a satellite image, our professional inspectors will go and inspect the integrity of your roof or the the land where a group mount is. We will then design a system that is perfectly fit for your home.

3) Permitting

Once you have approved of our design the next step is getting permits, we handle everything from point A to point B. Over the years we have built great relationships with planning offices which allow us to get through this process quicker

4) Installation

Once the permits have been approved we schedule your installation for a day that’s best for you. Once its installed we submit the paperwork to your utility company to get PTO (permission to operate) once that’s approved you’re home will be running off the sun!
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We talked to about 7 different Fresno solar companies and Brian made us feel the most comfortable, fully informed, and showed us our expected savings. We've now had solar for 7 months and couldn't be happier
We've had solar for about 3 years now and it's been the best choice we could've made, we have no PG&E bill and actually get a yearly credit! Thanks Bratton
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Julia Dauthers
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