Replace Your High Summer Energy Bill With An Investment Into Your Home Every Month!

The Central Valley’s most


For Residential and Commercial properties.



There are so many Solar Companies

There are so many solar companies that are here today and gone tomorrow. Bratton Solar is here to stay. We are a family owned business from the Central Valley. YOUR local all-in-one solar provider, no need to look further or think about third party companies working on your home.

With Bratton Solar we will only send one of our team members to service your home. We keep costs down for our clients by providing all your solar needs in-house including any financing options which means no extra broker fees. ONLY using tier 1 products on every job, Bratton takes pride in our quality of install and it shows. Installation expertise is our foundation as we have been licensed to sell and install residential and commercial solar for over 8 years providing consistent quality solar systems to all of California.


Bratton Solar is the Central Valley’s

trusted expert solar installers, and
here’s the promise we keep:

  • No delays in installation
  • Consistent communication
  • Energy efficiency and savings
  • Consistent & predictable raised rates
  • We actively help customers work towards zeroing out
  • their energy bill while helping the environment.

Commercial Solar

Choosing Bratton Solar for a commercial installation gives property owners the ability to control what they pay for their power. Businesses can immensely reduce costs and increase their efficiency. With over 8 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we’re able to answer questions and help simplify the process of going solar—for businesses, schools, farms, publicly-funded projects, utilities and more.

Residential Solar

Bratton Solar offers expert solar installation that empowers
homeowners to own, monitor, and have more control of their home’s energy. Our clients enjoy the ability to monitor their system and even more so, having the peace of mind that can only be offered with the responsiveness of a local company.

Do you own a Property/Home?!

Let’s get you a FREE solar quote in just a few minutes!”...”Bratton Solar is the Central Valley’s most trusted solar installers, and here’s the promise we keep:”

  • No delays in installation
  • Consistent communication
  • Energy efficiency and savings
  • Consistent & predictable raised rates - you can budget for your power
  • We take pride in high-quality installations making sure every system looks and produces as best as possible
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Solar is the future. And we're here to help you and your family make a brighter tomorrow for generations to come!

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