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We know there are a ton of questions you have when going solar, here's a few of the most commonly as questions we get.

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1. How long is my warranty?

Your warranty with us is 25 years bumper to bumper, labor is for 10 years

2. How big of a solar system will I need?

Each home will need a different sized system based off their usages, get in touch with our specialists and they'll get you the exact system size you'll need

3. Can you do my roof as well?

We will reroof a customers home if it is necessary, If not the option is still their for an additional charge.

4. Do you do battery pack?

We offer multiple energy storages for on and off the grid use, get in touch with us today to see what's available.

5. How often should I clean the panels?

We recommend getting them cleaned 3-4 times per year, keep an eye on production. If your production takes a dip a cleaning may be necessary.

6. How much will my PG&E bill be after going Solar?

Our goal is to completely offset your utility usage by at least 100% meaning if your usage habits remain the same you won't have a PG&E bill.

Still have a questions?

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