Common Solar Questions

Q. Is an ownership or leased solar system best for my home?

A. To take advantage of a solar system fully we recommend owning your system for similar reasons to owning a home. When you own your home you can potentially profit in the resale and for this reason we recommend owning solar just the same so you may increase your home’s appraised value. But don't take our word for it, take a look at the links below that prove solar adds value to your home.

⬇️ https://money.com/home-value-solar-panels/

Q. How much is the current tax credit and are there any specials?

A. The Federal government currently has a tax credit to incentivize homeowners to invest into their homes with clean energy. This incentive currently comes in the form of a Federal Investment Tax Credit that is worth 26% percent of your total system investment. Previous laws require the entire grid to be more sustainable and to get people to go solar sooner than later, it has been scheduled to decrease and eventually there will be no federal tax credit at all in 2024. This tax credit helps make solar more affordable, but not everyone qualifies for it, our Solar Experts can help you estimate if you’re likely to receive the full credit but to be sure consult your tax advisor or CPA.

Q. How much can I save with solar?

A. Solar isn’t a one size fits all product. The exact amount you will save varies based on how much electricity is used, the layout of the roof, and nearby trees or other obstructions. We’re happy to help you see how much solar can save you and explain the solar solution we come up with.

Q. What is a tier-one solar panel

A. Tier-one is a term used to describe Solar Panel manufacturers. Bloomberg created the tier-one list for solar panels and updates it quarterly. Tier-one refers to the financial robustness of the panel producers themselves.

Q. When I get solar with Bratton Solar, does my system get monitoring?

A. When you go solar with Bratton Solar, your system will include an app where you can monitor your solar system’s production as soon as your panels are up and the system is turned on.

Q. What happens when I move?

A. It’s simple, there are two options when you move. The first one is you transfer your solar service to the new homeowner, just like with PG&E. The other option is you sell the solar system with the house and pocket the extra money or apply it to the loan.

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