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Blackouts And Money Lost?

You get home and your garage door won’t open, your lights won’t turn on and your phones nearly dead. You have no idea why your power is off since you always pay your electric bill well you can blame PG&E because you did nothing wrong. You’ll only get an alert from PG&E informing you that they have cut power to your home and don’t know when it’ll be restored. As frustrating and unlikely that may sound is a reality that more than half of PG&E customers have faced recently.

Due to the devastating fires that hit California last year they have decided instead of fixing their infrastructure they’ll just cut all power to homes! PG&E’s decision to go this route has led to homes losing hundreds of dollars of groceroies, homes without heat, and even deaths. A senior who relied on oxygen passed away after power was cut to his home and also medical equipment. PG&E has left homeowners very little options other than to find other ways of keeping their power on such as gas generators or solar battery packs.

What can you do

There are a lot of misconceptions on how a battery pack works so we want to clear that up. Your home is by connected to the grid by default which is the utility companies supply line for your power. Homes that have solar still have to be connected to the grid which they give power back to. Its also against many city and state ordinances to build a home without connection to the grids. Losing power from the grid is terrible but you can do a few things to keep power on.

One way is to install a battery pack without solar. This is the most expensive option. Your PG&E bill goes up since your battery is getting charged at 29-40ยข per kW from PG&E’s supply. Also during a blackout if your battery dies you’d be out of luck with no way to replenish it. You can purchase a generator but they’re difficult to connect to power your entire home. With costs of 3.50 per gallon for gas keeping it powered it becomes an expensive option. The most cost effective way is pairing a battery pack with a solar system.

Solar systems and battery packs

We see a lot of homeowners decide to go solar with a battery pack and solar purchase and the reason is there’s no costs of filling your battery pack since the sun is charging it. You’ll use this free power during normal days and you can draw power from the battery for free when the grid is down. What about when the grids out for a couple days? In multi day blackout scenarios your battery will be replenished daily by the sun. People think that battery packs are unaffordable which is UNTRUE. You can go solar AND a get battery pack for less than what you pay your utility company. Jennifer a customer in Fresno got a 7.7 kilowatt system and a battery pack and cut her utility costs by 37% the first year.

When it comes to battery packs their are many options out their that are each beneficial in their own way. You have Tesla Powerwalls, LG Chem Batteries etc. with so many choice we know choosing one may be difficult. We would love to provide you any information that you may need in regards to batteries. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 559-721-2144 or shoot us a message

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