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PG&E is going to TOU what does that mean for you


Changes Are Coming

Fresno PG&E customers be ready for more rate changes! PGE is converting its customers to TOU (Time Of Use) . Its structured to charg you depending on when you use your power and not by how much you use. This change will nearly DOUBLE what you’re paying for your power. We’ll break down exactly how those changes will affect you and how it compared to todays rates.

Rate Changes

You are currently on a baseline rate that charges 22¢ until you reach a limit, then you’re charged 28¢ until you reach your limit again then you pay more than DOUBLE your baseline price and pay 49¢ for all power usage until your next billing cycle. With the new TOU changes you’ll pay almost double the previous rate! PGE makes this information difficult to find if you go to rate changes on the PGE website it shows how the changes will work but not the new prices. We’ve done the work for you and you can find the rates right here. PG&E touts it as a way for customers to save money but they assume you will shift your usage habits to use power on off peak time of 12am-3pm and 9pm-12am. These are times when households already use less power due to people not being home or residents being asleep.

PG&E says in their rate change plan that its customers have the lowest rates in the country. The truth is we are the 5th highest in the country and Fresno has it nearly the worst! We know people are tired of seeing their rates go up and not being able to do anything about it. Don’t let PG&E fool you there are plenty of options out there. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to give us a call and we’d love to answer the questions you may have.



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